This was another project with Atomic Sports. The client, the Camogie Association, wanted a rallying call to encourage more people to go to the games. So, we created this simple yet inclusive message – to encourage parents and everyone to go. I'm glad to say it's a hashtag that has been genuinely used for many years by attendees with lots of pics of people attending – together.
Note: we also create a video for the Croke Park stadium during half-time at GAA matches. We created a micro site, social assets, badges, press ads, a manifesto, and more.
It's nice, if you search #GoTogether + camogie or GAA you can still see the buckets of tweets that went out over the years... it's nice when something brings people together, on and off the pitch. And that went well beyond the camogie world and into the eyes of all sports lovers.
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