This was a project with the lovely people at Atomic. Essentially Grant Thornton are one of the big five, but after that they're entirely different. And they wanted to let future employees (new graduates) know just that. And so came our idea of 'Less that, more this'.
It went onto win bronze for Best Student Marketing Campaign at the GradIreland Graduate Recruitment Awards. Which was pretty neat. What's more, it smashed its recruitment goals and saw 82% more applications in 2018 compared to previous years.
We created a series of social media ads, posters, a launch pdf brochure, and more. All of which really stood out against the usual Grad marketing at the time.
Earlier in the idea generation process, we had an idea to create a fake royalty footage style video – lampooning the fakeness of some of the other types of ads you see. It didn't get over the line, but with the right VO e.g. Matt Berry, it would've been fun. Note, it required a lot more crafting, but hey... here you go.
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