This was a pitch win and completion job with ZOO.Digital. Essentially we went in with the idea that we wanted to show how hands on UL is by creating a campaign that was co-created by its students themselves. As a result, we made a TV ad, radio, and online videos that led to a quiz designed by UL students to help Leaving Cert students to pick their subjects. The quiz was very successful, and we followed up with lots of social content using real student footage and students – showing that UL really walk the walk when it comes to giving students real world skills and opportunities.
Note: the campaign was specifically aimed at that CAO change of mind time; when Leaving Cert students can't quite make their mind up, cue our quiz to help them find their course.
Below was one of the outdoor ads – you can see how the icons came to life in it. Simple, but great ways to show the immense attributes of UL's campus.
And here's a few of the UL radio ads using the students themselves...
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