For a few months I got to do a bit of XtraVision work. These were mainly just announcing what's available at the moment – but they were kinda fun. From Batman radio ads to Lord Of The Rings ones. All a bit of craic.
Hobbit radio below – with the "Wilhelm scream:", if you know, you know.
And below is an idea I had for one of their TV ads – basically turning homes into cinemas. Can't find the VO version, as I didn't write the final script for it. But I think the signs over the doors looked cool. IMHO!
Lastly this was a fun idea I pitched to XtraVision as a thing to run on social, basically lampooning the cinema experience a little... it wasn't famous at the time, but this scene from Interstellar did become a meme. (Wish we'd been able to say we were part of it nice 'n early!)
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